About our WishList Member Site

New membership site development service – WishList Master.

Since we began to offer our online Outlook program I’ve received a number of inquires about how we made it happen.  It seems many of our readers have produced content like  training, articles, coaching or consulting services that  lend themselves to online deliver Here’s a quick explanation how our system is put together.

Workload Master is a very special kind of blog called a membership site. This simply means that someone must be a registered member (or subscriber) to access the premium material.  Our site is powered by WordPress, the most popular content management system on the planet.  Our member’s area (master Your Workload with Outlook) is managed by a very special WordPress plugin called WishList Member.

I’ve had so many people ask  how to develop a site like ours that last year I formed a brand new company called Wishlist Master (how original is that).  WishList Master provides consulting and development of membership sites for trainers, consultants, publishers and other content providers.  The sites we create are based upon the WordPress platform using WishList Member.

If you have any interest in exploring this exploding Internet niche, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I love to talk about this stuff.

I also receive a lot of questions about our videos.  Almost all of them were recorded with a piece of software called Camtasia.  It is the most popular and versatile screen recording application for the PC.

I thought it was going to take about two weeks to create the online training program.  After all, I had been teaching the program for years.  Well it took over 6 months of working day and night to launch the site.  Since then I’ve learned a lot, which is why we formed WishList Master.  Our objective is to help clients avoid the learning curve so that they can bring their membership sites to market in a fraction of the time that it took me.  It’s working.