Interview with Chuck Frey of

Things have been a little quite here in WorkloadMaster land over the holidays. I took a trip to Texas to visit family which caused me to take a break from posting. But I’ve been busy behind the scenes. Between the holidays I had an opportunity to interview Chuck Frey, publisher of Visit The On […]

Myth of Multitasking

Merry Christmas! I promised to take this week off, but I just found this article from Scientific American about multitasking and had to share it. Plus I needed an excuse to try out this new app that gives me the ability to post from my Blackberry. Here’s the link: See you after the holiday. […]

LinksNet – The Answer to Business Networking Hell

I’m not talking about computer networking here.  I mean the kind where you meet people face to face.   Those local networking  functions where you’re herded into a room to  drift around listening to everyone rehearse their “elevator speech.”  I don’t know about you, but I find this painful. If you need to meet new local […]

The Truth Will Save You Time

I can’t think anything that wastes  time and energy more than misinformation and maliciousness.  Just ask anyone in Washington. Here  is a little story I received by e-mail several years ago that gives us a practical way to filter the information we receive. The Test of the Three Strainers In ancient Greece, Socrates was highly […]

Gratitude with an Edge

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a post about gratitude. I saw a speaker the other day who said that scientific studies about happiness revealed that the the key is gratitude. I think she’s right. If we focus our energy on the good things in our lives then we use less on the not so good. […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Now Available

Hey there masochists early adopters it’s official, the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 is now available for download. All 684MB of it! Just start it up and go have lunch. I’m not quite ready to give it a spin, but I have to sooner or later to start preparing for  the latest version of […]

Create a Mind Map to Visualize Outcomes

Using a mind map can help you overcome procrastination and indecision when you can’t decide what to do next. Earlier this week I discussed that our failure to visualize the end result of a project or task often causes us to become stuck when it’s time to take action. When this happens it is best […]

The To Do List Burden – 5 Steps to Lighten Your Load

The to do list can be an excellent tool to keep focused but it also has the potential to create extra baggage we don’t need. I teach this stuff, but keeping up and keeping on track is as much a struggle for me as anyone. Like many people I use a daily to do list […]

Perform an E-mail Audit to Trim Your Inbox

If you find yourself deleting a large number of e-mails each day, it is a good idea to take a few minutes to do a quick E-mail Audit to assess the sources.  Armed with this information you can take action to reduce your e-mail bloat so that you can focus more time and energy on […]

How to Start an E-mail Diet

Is your e-mail inbox becoming bloated?  How much of that is your fault?   We find that many people contribute to their e-mail overload by indiscriminately subscribing to newsletters and social networking groups that they rarely use. When it gets to be overwhelming it is time to consider an e-mail diet. How We Contribute To Our […]