Controlling E-mail – It’s a Matter of Attitude

A while ago I posted some principles that help you take control over the constant flow of e-mail. I’ve seen these simple changes in habit make a difference in many peoples’ lives just by applying them regularly. However some people have a very difficult time implementing even simple changes and I’ve often wondered why. Over […]

Your Time Perspective Can Determine Your Success

I try to keep these posts practical and down-to-earth, but sometimes it’s good to hear from the eggheads more learned among us for a different perspective.  Recently I came across a speech given by psychologist Philip Zombardo  from the TEDTalks series that is worth thinking about.  Here’s the video: Dr. Zombardo makes makes a very […]

Interesting Video About Adult ADD/ADHD

Yesterday I came across a very interesting 45 minute video about Adult ADD/ADHD at the Canadian Global News Web site. The program, ADD & Loving It, shines a light on this much  misunderstood affliction in a very informative and entertaining way.  I have no idea how long they plan to keep this posted, so if […]

Low Tech Productivity Tool Helps High Tech Internet Entrepreneur

Not long ago I was listening to an old podcast hosted one of my favorite online marketing gurus, Lynn Terry. Lynn’s a pretty amazing woman.  As a single mom she built a highly successful Internet marketing business from scratch…at home.  Unlike many work-at-home professionals Lynn was able to become very successful and create balance between her […]

New Free eCourse – Key Productivity Principles

Do You Feel Like You Are Drinking From a Fire Hose? Are you tired of feeling like you’re not on top of things?  Are you frustrated by missing deadlines and appointments?  Are you stressed because you forget to do important tasks?  If so I have keep reading. If you have ever worked with me as […]

The Root Cause of Clutter

This is a picture of my in basket a few days ago. It’s a collection of random small things was my nemesis for a few weeks. It doesn’t look like much but it really bugged me. What are they? They’re the result of a recent wallet cleaning and attempt to corral loose pieces of floatsum […]

A Simple Way to Overcome Procrastinaton

Have you ever received a dope slap? Have you ever given yourself one? Some people call that a “flat head moment”. That’s how I felt yesterday. Not long ago I promised to write a post about overcoming procrastination. I started to work on it a couple times but didn’t come up with anything new beyond […]

Are You a Hopeless Procrastinator?

I love how the media (CNN in particular) leads with a question that they never answer in the story.  I should be able to to it too. I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately, probably because I’m a chronic procrastinator.  No really it’s a great resource if you can sort through junk.  […]

8 Ways to Avoid E-mail Anxiety

E-mail anxiety is one of the major reasons companies and individuals hire me. It comes at us constantly at an ever increasing pace and is not going away.  E-mail should be no more  urgent than paper mail, but it’s turned into a continuous interruption for so many people. Don’t be like this guy suffering from […]