How To Deactivate Message Alerts

Automated message alerts in e-mail software and cell phones interrupt your concentration than you think.  Fortunately you have the ability to disable them. Earlier this week I promised to show you how to disable the message alert lights and alarms for several popular software tools and smart phones.  This by no means an exhaustive list […]

24 Productivity Tips – Sharing the Wealth

I was planning to do a summary of productivity tips from around the blogosphere when I discovered a similar post written by blogger Marelisa.  She writes a blog called Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online which is well worth visiting. Marelisa did an excellent job pulling from some of my favorite resources and a few others […]

The Root Cause of Clutter

This is a picture of my in basket a few days ago. It’s a collection of random small things was my nemesis for a few weeks. It doesn’t look like much but it really bugged me. What are they? They’re the result of a recent wallet cleaning and attempt to corral loose pieces of floatsum […]

How to Achieve Your Goals

It’s the weekend and time to take a few minutes to catch your breath and decide how you’re going to attack next week. This Cessna Citation is owned by a friend of mine. He wasn’t born rich. He’s from a working class family in a Midwestern suburb just like most of middle America. But he’s […]

Find E-mail Documents in a Snap

Do you ever feel frustrated or just plain angry at yourself because you spend too much time looking for things (often on you desk)? Do you have the same problem wit your stored e-mail? If so you’re not alone. In fact it’s one of the major pains expressed by my clients. Although computers are very […]

How To Tame Your Outlook Folders

Does this look like one of your file drawers? How about your Outlook folders about the same? Because your Outlook folders are electronic it doesn’t mean they’re neat and tidy. Here’s the key. If you’re spending more than two or three minutes searching through your Outlook folders each time you need something, then it’s time […]

8 Ways to Avoid E-mail Anxiety

E-mail anxiety is one of the major reasons companies and individuals hire me. It comes at us constantly at an ever increasing pace and is not going away.  E-mail should be no more  urgent than paper mail, but it’s turned into a continuous interruption for so many people. Don’t be like this guy suffering from […]