Interactive Microsoft Office migration guides to save time

If you’re making the switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007 or 2010 you may find the Ribon (menu system) difficult to navigate.

If you’re working from a home computer it may seem surprising that people still use Office 2003.  However a high percentage of corporate and institutional users have stuck with 2003 rather than upgrade.

Why?  First, Office 2003 meets most users’ needs and second it is very costly to upgrade hundreds and even thousands of work stations.  However that’s changing because Microsoft no longer supports 2003.  And rumors have it that they are offering large clients free upgrades to newer versions.

As a result we are hearing from many of our Outlook clients about how to switch.  Their biggest issue is that Ribbon.

Fortunately Microsoft has posted an Interactive Migration Guide on their web site for each of the Office products.

It’s pretty cool.  Pick your program (Outlook, Excel, Word etc.) then use the virtual menu to select your command in question.  It then shows you how to accomplish the same task in 2010.  Office 2007 is very similar to 2010 so it will be helpful too.

Give it a try.