Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Now Available


Hey there masochists early adopters it’s official, the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 is now available for download. All 684MB of it! Just start it up and go have lunch.

I’m not quite ready to give it a spin, but I have to sooner or later to start preparing for  the latest version of Master Your Workload with Outlook.  The words Beta and Microsoft in one sentence make me just a little concerned. Maybe I’ve been watching too many Apple commercials.

Microsoft recommends that you uninstall your previous versions of Office and not use it on a primary machine. Let’s see, which one should I use? Oh yes the free download is for Windows XP SP3 and later. Meaning if you didn’t upgrade to Service Pack 3, then don’t bother.

Personally I’m about to take the Windows 7 plunge I won’t be testing the new Office flavor until after the dust settles. I attended a Microsoft sponsored in-depth Windows 7 demo yesterday and was favorably impressed. The Koolaid was tasty too.

Here’s the link:  Office 2010 Beta Download

If you try it please tell us about your experience.

– Bob