New Free eCourse – Key Productivity Principles

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Do You Feel Like You Are Drinking From a Fire Hose?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re not on top of things?  Are you frustrated by missing deadlines and appointments?  Are you stressed because you forget to do important tasks?  If so I have keep reading.

If you have ever worked with me as a coach or seen me speak, then you know that I frequently harp on stress the importance of some key fundamentals of productivity.  Last year I wrote a blog post titled the 7 Key Principles of Personal Productivity (I think I need a snappier title) which is still one of our most visited posts.   Not only are these principles key to any time management system  they are also important components in stress management training. I will let you in on a little trade secret,  I use these principles as a guide when I coach clients on time management techniques.  Using this as guide to identify where someone needs help, gives me the ability to quickly zero in on how best to help them.

New Quick Start Free eCourse

To give my clients and friends a jump start I decided to create a short eCourse to help them identify their weaknesses and provide a clear set of actions to overcome them.  The course is designed to help you integrate these principles into your daily work.  It is a 5-part online course taken over a period of 5 days.  Each lesson takes only 10 minutes and includes specific action steps to apply them to your world.  It also includes our popular productivity pointers that will be returning from summer vacation at the end of August.

If you are interested, just CLICK HERE to register (or click that big button on the sidebar).  There is not cost and I promise not to sell your e-mail address, send you spam or any of those other things you hate.