Our New Look and New Outlook 2010 Online Course

Welcome to the beginnings of our new look. In the process of finishing our brand new Master Your Workload with Outlook 2010 I decided to change the website theme to a modern responsive design. That means it automatically adjusts to the size and type of device the site is being viewed on.

The reason I’m taking this approach is that the new Outlook 2010 videos will play on all small devices including the iPad. This gives you the ability to watch the training on your tablet device while doing the work live on your computer.

I wanted to have the new theme ready to go for the launch of the new Outlook 2010 course, but some friendly hackers prompted me to change the theme sooner rather than later. Our previous theme, while attractive, was getting a little old (in WordPress time) and as a result enabled a hacker bot to add some nefarious code on the site. While basically harmless, it was still a PITA (we’re family friendly here.

Rather than risk another encroachment I made the executive decision to swap the theme now.

Our new look will be rather minimal to give emphasis to the content…which is why you’re here in the first place. It’s still a work in progress so it will continue to change over the next few weeks.

Master Your Workload With Outlook 2010 is in the final stages of production and I plan to launch it by the end of December jus tin time for New Years resolution time.