Our New Look

Don’t go, you’re in the right place.

You may have noticed that our site began to look very different this week.  After much deliberation I’ve decided to move to a new “theme” with more flexibility.  The previous one was very inflexible and frankly I hated it.  Besides the publishers had terrible support. I like to keep things consistent, but the old theme had me backed into a corner too many times.

This look will continue to evolve over time so please be patient.

While we’re discussing changes, I thought I’d remind you that our podcast, The On Target Podcast, has moved to it’s own website.  You can find the site at www.ontargetpodcast.com or you can subscribe in iTunes.  You can also go there using that cool button in the sidebar  on the right side of the screen.

I will be using the podcast to expand upon the topics covered in this site.  The content will include interviews, tips, reviews and rants (only a few). If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please drop me an e-mail at bobatworkloadmaster.com or leave a comment on any post or the Contact page.

Thank you for coming back.

– Bob