What could you accomplish if you had one to two more hours each day?

Using my Workload Master System, I guarantee that I can teach you how to develop the skills you need to stay focused, organized and always prepared. And, I guarantee that using my system will give you back two hours of time lost to disorganization every day.

Bob Patterson Workload Master

Chances are you already have Outlook but use it only for e-mail.  And e-mail is often one of your biggest time wasters.  Am I right?

Outlook out of the box is not designed to help you be more productive…it’s actually designed to interrupt you.  Which is crazy, because time and attention are things you have very little of today!

But when it comes to using Outlook to manage your work in a busy environment, here’s what you may not know…



Having The Right Tools Is Only Part Of The Puzzle

Outlook is a powerful tool if used properly.  If not it creates more interruptions and distractions…that you don’t need.  To be truly effective you bring two things to the table, making the right decisions about what to do next and planning the best use of your time.  Outlook can make this easy when you know how.

We teach you a process to put Outlook to work so that you can spend less time scrolling through e-mail and more time doing what you do best.

These tools, tips and strategies enable you to fully maximize your time attention and energy when it comes to managing your busy day and heavy workload.

What Do Successful People Do That Others Don’t?

  • Number one, they understand that time and attention are the most valuable resources thy have.
  • Number two they invest their limited time on a few very important things.
  • And Number Three they have a system to manage their time and activities to minimize interruptions and focus on the things that matter most.

Here’s where it starts…

Unit #1: Convert Outlook Into a Powerful Workload Management Tool

Outlook by default is designed to interrupt you.  And its task management feature is practically useless.  But when set up correctly it becomes a tool that allows you to easily and effortlessly process e-mail, manage your tasks and control your time.

We will walk you through how to make some simple changes to Outlook to eliminate unnecessary interruptions, manage e-mail properly and allow you to focus on your important tasks.

In less time than it takes to take a shower you will convert Outlook into a powerful work management tool.

Unit #2:  Master Your E-mail

Studies have shown that the average worker spends 41% of their day dealing with e-mail!  How would you like to get some of that time back for more important things?

You will learn how to quickly and easily work through new e-mail using a simple process.  Messages will be converted to tasks, appointments or contacts or stored for future reference.  No more scrolling through a long list of old messages feeling guilty about not doing anything about them.

You will spend less time in your Inbox and free up more time for more important things.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the items we’ll cover in this unit:
•    How to end every day with an empty inbox
•    Converting e-mail to tasks, appointments and contacts
•    How to process your e-mail routinely and stay out of your inbox the rest of the time
•    How to quickly clean out hundreds (or even thousands) of old messages….a major distraction
•    And much more!

Unit#3:  Master Your Tasks

Quite frankly the Outlook task management feature out of the box is almost useless.  That’s because it displays all of your tasks no matter how old or unimportant in one big list.
No wonder most people who try to use it get discouraged after a few days.

The good news is that Outlook can be a very powerful tool for keeping you on track when you know how to use it.

We will show you how to make a few simple changes so that you only see the important tasks you need to do that day, while keeping control over the ones you have chosen to do at another time.

You will be able to leave work at a reasonable hour feeling as if you accomplished something.  Even better no more waking up at 3:00 in the morning remembering something you forgot to do.

Unit #4:  Be The Master Of Your Time

Your time and attention are the most valuable resources you possess.  Whatever you point them at will give you results.  The challenge is that you are barraged with hundreds of choices about what to do with that time.  Most of these are a constant source of interruptions and distractions.

You will learn how to use the Outlook calendar to protect your valuable time so that you can spend more of it on the things that matter.

When you know what your high payoff activities are and spend more of your energy on them, you will get better results with less effort.  Soon you will be regarded at the person who makes things happen.

Unit #5  Master Your Communications and Delegation

Learn to use Outlook to plan communications with the key people in your business and life.  You will be able to quick retrieve notes form meetings and conversations to make you look like a pro!

How many times do you leave a voice message for someone who doesn’t call you back for a week?  When that happens do you forget why you called them?  Not anymore.

Unit #6  Plan Your Day And Week

This is where everything comes together.  You will learn a simple process for taking just a few minuets each day to plan the next day.  This way you arrive the next morning know what you have to accomplish.  No more wasting energy deciding what to do next.

You will learn how to the same for the following week.  We show you how to take a few minutes to plan your week. As a result you will get more high-payoff activities done.  And it will save you a ton of time and anxiety.

Unit #7  Using Outlook in The Real World

Throughout the training you will be learning and applying these powerful techniques to your real work.  By the time you get to this point you will already be using the system on a regular basis.

But we give you a simple plan of action to help make your new habits stick!  By applying these simple principles managing your work and making the right decision will become a reflex…you won’t even have to think about it.


Bonus #1:  Lifetime Access

You will have access to the course material for as long as you like.   You are free to login whenever you need a quick refresher or reminder about how to do something.  And we’ll let you know when we add new content and techniques to the program.

Bonus #2:  Keeping You On Track

Having trained and coached hundreds of people over the years I know about when most people start to drift back to their old habits. As a special bonus I will include a series of Free Follow-up Reminders timed to help keep you on track until those new habits are cemented. At WorkloadMaster we’re here to help make it work for you. That’s something you won’t get from a book.


Bonus #3:    Course eBook

We know everybody learns in different ways.  And you may not always be online when you have a question about how to do something.  So we give you a complete step-by-step how-to guide that you can keep near your desk for quick reference.

Bonus #4:  Weekly Productivity Pointers

Each week we send our members a gentle “tap on the shoulder” in the form a short productivity pointer. It’s a simple way to give you something to think about to throughout the week.

So, How Does It Work?

Master your Workload with Outlook is an online interactive training program that you take on your own computer while you apply the learning to your real work.

You learn as you do…while improving your ability to manage your time and work.  Each unit includes a series of how-to videos that you can watch and pause while you apply the lessons to your work.

Take the course in your own time at your own pace.

Ok, I see the Value But How Much Is It?

If you’re a busy person and already use Outlook, this is the course that you must register for.

We’ll provide you with a tremendous amount of information that you can use immediately to increase your productivity, reduce interruptions and spend more time doing what matters most to you and your business.

The good news is, we’ve decided to make the price an absolute no brainer.

Regular: $137

Promotional: $97


We look forward to working with you through this training.

Take care,



P.S. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Means There’s No Risk! We are so confident that this system will take you to the next level of success that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  That means, if you do not find value in this training within 60 days after your purchase (for whatever reason), you can walk away and request your hassle-free 100% complete refund.

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