Personal technology to imiprove your productivity

GadgetsIf you’re a frequent visitor to this site you may notice a slight change in the tagline in our header graphic.  It now says “Save time and accomplish more with your personal technology.”

This is a change in the text but not a big change in the path we’ve been on for the past several years. Personally I’m a geek and love technology.  Although I am well aware if its limitations and its tendency to get in our way.

Our personal technology can do a lot to help us do things faster and more efficiently with greater ease so that we can accomplish more or better yet spend more time enjoying life.  The downside it, technology can have a big learning curve, be very distracting, fragment your thoughts and interrupt your concentration.  We need our tech to be our servants not our masters (think Skynet Terminator fans).

The purpose of this site will be to help you make use of personal technology (personal computers, Internet, apps, mobile devices, software and assorted gadgets) to improve your personal productivity.  When it makes sense to do something without tech, I will be the first to point it out (“ the right tool for the right job”).  When something gets in the way, I will gladly point it out.

Our weekly productivity pointers will continue to focus on the human side of personal effectiveness.  If you don’t already receive them feel free to sign up in the box on the right.  I promise not to spam you or share your name with others.

Photo by: Tommi Koulainen