Reduce E-mail Overload With This Outlook Add-In

The other day I discovered SpeedFiler, a simple Outlook add-in that can help you reduce e-mail overload.


  1. Bob Patterson says


    Thanks for the tip. I never heard of this one. I’ll have to give it a try.


  2. Bob Patterson says


    Glad you found it helpful. There’s another product called Xiant that is similar to SpeedFiler although not as feature-rich. Also I’ve been playing with Outlook 2010 the past few weeks. It has a set of user created actions called Quick Steps that automate the process of moving messages to folders. Not as slick as the SpeedFiler feature that remembers where to file messages, but still quite slick.

    I’m surprised you and Kevin don’t know each other since you are both from the same town in Germany. Small world huh?


  3. Hi ALL
    I do have a problem with my Outlook 2007.
    When I set it up is was working fine for about 5 e-mails. Then after I could receive mails but my send ones does not go out. It tells me error 521 and say that “User is over the limit for messages allowed to be sent in a single day”
    Does anybody know what I could do to rectify this?


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