See The Value of Your Time – The 1000 Marbles Story

Earlier this week I mentioned that most of us need some type of wake-up call to truly come to grips with the finite nature of our time.  I also talked about it in The On Target Podcast yesterday.  That reminded me of a story I received in one of those e-mail chain letters several years […]

One Big Reason We Waste Our Time

Recently I was watching a Ken Burns documentary on PBS the other day about the history of the National Parks in the the US (at least I was until I fell asleep).  I was shocked (but not surprised) by a photograph showing hundreds of rotting buffalo carcasses slaughtered for sport. It was an example how […]

5 Ways To Manage Your Time Like A Successful Executive

What’s the difference between how successful executives manage their time and the rest of us? Often people think it’s because they have an army of lackeys waiting to take care of their every whim.  That may be true to a point, but each of us is responsible for how we spend our time,  focus and […]