Watch Your Calories – Track Your Time

My wife and I have discussed joining Weight Watchers for the past several months.

Interesting Video About Adult ADD/ADHD

Yesterday I came across a very interesting 45 minute video about Adult ADD/ADHD at the Canadian Global News Web site. The program, ADD & Loving It, shines a light on this much

One Big Reason We Waste Our Time

Recently I was watching a Ken Burns documentary on PBS the other day about the history of the National Parks in the the US (at least I was until I fell asleep).

5 Ways To Manage Your Time Like A Successful Executive

What’s the difference between how successful executives manage their time and the rest of us? Often people think it’s because they have an army of lackeys waiting to take care of their every whim.

Why You Feel Overloaded

Do you feel totally overloaded?

Jott Assistant Review – How To Capture Thoughts While On The Go

Do you ever have a great idea or remember something to do at a time when it’s impossible to write it down?

Number One Time Waster – Continued

Of the 11 top time wasters, the number one culprit is changing priorities. We are all our own worst enemies when it comes to this issue.

How To Tame Your Outlook Folders

Does this look like one of your file drawers? How about your Outlook folders about the same? Because your Outlook folders are electronic it doesn’t mean they’re neat and tidy. Here’s the key. If you’re spending more than two or three minutes searching through your Outlook folders each time you need something, then it’s time […]

7 Key Principles of Personal Productivity