Take your training to the next level with a private online coaching session

Individual Coaching and Follow-upTo take your training to the next level schedule a one-on-one coaching sesssion with me. Each week I reserve a limited number of time slots for our training clients to help them integrate the WorkloadMaster system into the way they work.

During this interactive one-hour session I can help you with any Outlook configuration issues and help you customize the processess to fit you and your workstyle.

Here we will discuss your objectives, any issues you’re having and help you integrate the Wokload Master system into your daily workflow. We will use an interactive screen sharing service that will enable me to see your Outlook and even do your setup if you like.

This session is best to do within a week of completing the Outlook online training or evern during it if you have lots of questions. The cost of this 1-hour session is only $125.

Typically clients share their comptuer desktop using our screen sharing service. If your corportate IT department requres you to use the approved company screen sharing service (usuallly it’s Microsoft Live Meeting) I can help facilitate that.

To schedule your private session just click the button below to purchase through our secure shopping cart. After the purchase you will be taken to my private online calender where you can schedule a time convenient for you.

I look forward to working with you.