Master Your Workload With Outlook – Online

Read on and discover how to change this self-defeating pattern.

Using my Workload Master System, I can show you how to develop the skills you need to stay focused, organized and always prepared. And, I guarantee that using my system will give you back two hours of time you are currently losing each day to disorganization.

Do you know what skills you need to:


  • Boost your daily productivity by 20 to 25%
  • Reduce stress at home and at work
  • Propel your career into overdrive

I Do. And You Can Too!

I am confident that by using my proven system, you will develop the skills you need to stay focused, organized and always prepared. And, I guarantee that you will gain two hours every day that you are currently losing to disorganization once you master the strategies and techniques I share in the exclusive Master Your Workload System.

Our proven system teaches you step-by-step how to use Microsoft Outlook as a powerful tool to:

  1. Take control of your e-mail.
  2. Get more done in less time.
  3. Stop waking up at 3:00 AM remembering things you forgot to do.
  4. Stay focused on the important things.
  5. Look like a pro!

It’s easy to learn, it doesn’t take long and costs only $97 with a 60-Day money back guarantee.


Fired Manager

Don’t Let This Happen To You

Are you..

  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed?
  • Wondering how you’re going to get you life back?
  • Looking forward to your sick days so that you can avoid the stress?
  • Relieved when presentations get canceled because you’re off the hook, for at least one more day?
  • Stressed…because you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?
  • Frustrated by “always losing things”?
  • At odds with your family because you miss too much time with them?
  • Feeling as if you are spinning your wheels?
  • Leaving work late too many nights feeling like you accomplished nothing?
  • Embarrassed because important things fall through the cracks too often?
  • Always running to catch up but never seem to get anywhere?
  • Losing sleep over how you are going to accomplish those tasks piling up in your inbox?

If you have big plans to “get organized” but keep putting them off until you have more time – it’s time to do something about it.



When you Master Your Workload with Outlook you will…

  • End your day on time – rather than staying after- and missing your round of golf or time with your family
  • Work with a clear mind – so that you don’t lose sleep thinking of the things you forgot to do
  • Stop letting things fall through the cracks – be the go-to person respected for their results
  • Look and be more professional…be the true professional that others count on to get things done
  • Hold others accountable for commitments they make to you – stop being the victim of people who count on you to forget
  • Balance Your Work and Personal Time – spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor
  • Stop wasting time looking for things – and more time getting things done
  • Relieve stress – and the quality of life benefits that come with it
  • Come to meetings prepared and ready to participate – so that you look like a pro – and reap the rewards

How It Works

In the past I offered week_calendar this course only through seminars and workshops that took over 6-hours of training time. Don’t get me wrong, in-person training is great (and also expensive). But with everyone so busy and cost conscious I decided to make this valuable program more cost-effective, more convenient and more accessible for those of you who do not have the time to attend an all-day workshop.

Through Web 2.0 technology you can learn the system at your convenience, at your own pace and on your own computer. You will apply the techniques to your real work as your learn…at a fraction of the cost of live training.

Each lesson is delivered to you via interactive video. The online video player enables you to pause, rewind and fast forward as you need. You simply pause the video, go to your CategoryOutlook to apply the technique, then come back for more. When you have to stop it’s simple to resume where you left off.

This 7-unit interactive multimedia program includes an easy to follow Step-By-Step Guide to walk you through each lesson.

This is an online course that is available as soon as you sign up.