On-Site Workshops


We are pleased to come to you to deliver a time management and personal productivity workshop customized for your specific needs.


For groups of 3+ we will come to your site to deliver a lively hands-on time and personal productivity workshop designed to help get your team on the same page.   Our flexible system can customized to meet your needs and taught with or without Microsoft Outlook.

On-site Training Is Ideal for:

  • Work teams
  • Departments
  • Branch or Local Offices
  • Senior Executive Teams
  • Project Teams
  • New Hires

Group_Outlook_TrainingCourse Outline:

  1. System Setup and Overview
  2. Processing and Managing E-mail and Information
  3. Task and Small Project Management
  4. Calendar Management
  5. Communication Planning and Delegation
  6. Daily and Weekly Planning Process
  7. Working from  Clean Desk
  8. File and Information Management
  9. Personal one-on-one follow-up consultation within 2-3 weeks of initial workshop with each participant to help reinforce the training and tailor the system to their specific needs.

Organized_ExecutiveBy the end of the program participants will be able to…

  1. Manage your e-mail so that a cluttered Inbox doesn’t eat up your valuable time.
  2. Process your work regardless of your physical location.
  3. Capture and store key information so that it’s not forgotten (and you don’t have to try to remember everything).
  4. Protect your valuable peak performance time for high priority activities
  5. Schedule and remain focused on your priorities.
  6. Effortlessly capture and manage tasks.
  7. Manage small projects.
  8. Delegate effectively.
  9. Plan and manage communications with key people
  10. Be well prepared for staff meetings.
  11. Utilize a powerful planning process that enables you to make full productive use of your day.
  12. And more.


$335 per participant for a minimum of three people.

For larger groups (7 or more) $1,500 for facilitation and $100 per participant

Workshop participants receive Free Access to our new web-based eCourses and support. This is excellent for learning advanced techniques, integrating the system with Microsoft Outlook and refreshing skills.

For a free no obligation consultation contact Bob Patterson at (440) 230-9810 or via e-mail at bob@workloadmaster.com.