Executive Time Management Coaching

executive_time-management-coachingA Time Management System Unique to You

Our personal coaching program is a hands-on individualized session that gets you current with all of your inputs, commitments, projects and communications. We work with you individually at your workplace or via a live interactive web session to install an efficient system to handle new inputs and implement an airtight process to assure ongoing control.

This program is designed for busy professionals  who mange large volumes of communications, projects and action items. It is most appropriate for individuals who are forced to deal with increasing responsibilities and communications.

The Best Always Seek a Better Way

We evaluate your current systems for weaknesses and areas of improvement. We work with you to track and evaluate the flow of paper, electronic communications, project materials and meetings. New processes are implemented immediately to provide you with an integrated system to track and manage everything on your radar screen.

Our objective is to develop an individualized system that suits your work style and position. We strive to help you enhance your productivity and prioritization while achieving a sense of relaxation and control.

Follow-up and On-Going Reinforcement

If you’re like many of our clients, a highly stressful work situation has caused you to look for solutions.  We know from years of experience that new habits can be forgotten when things become hectic.  It’s natural to slip back into comfortable old (and often ineffective) habits when the work environment becomes stressful.

Short follow-up coaching sessions go a long way to help reinforce new more effective habits and cement new learning.  Our clients often say their follow-up sessions were worth the entire investment in their training.

We provide individual follow-up sessions within  two weeks of training and on an on-going basis as needed to help reinforce and fine tune your new system.


$595 – 1/2 day coaching and organizing session at your office which includes a one-hour follow-up session within two to three weeks of the initial session.

For more information or free, no obligation consultation contact Bob Patterson by telephone at (440) 230-9810 or by e-mail at bob@workloadmaster.com.