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bob_patterson_portrait_2 I’m Bob Patterson, a small business owner and survivor of corporate America. I don’t have all the answers about being more productive and effective, but I work at it.

On this site I share some tools, techniques and processes that have worked for myself and others. And I’m alway on the lookout for more.

I’m also a hopeless geek. That means I love to find ways to leverage technology to reduce unproductive tasks, do things faster and free up time for more important things.

Do You Feel Stuck?

Live Coaching If you feel like the wheels have come off schedule a phone coaching session to get you back on track. You can even share your computer screen during the call. Here’s More Informaiton

Learn to use Outlook to manage your time and work

Master Your Workload with Outlook Do you use Microsoft Outlook at work or home? Check out Master Your Workload with Outlook. It shows you step-by-step how to use Outlook as a powerful tool to manage your e-mail, your time and your work.
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