8 Ways to Avoid E-mail Anxiety

effects_of_email_anxietyE-mail anxiety is one of the major reasons companies and individuals hire me. It comes at us constantly at an ever increasing pace and is not going away.


  1. This process is exactly the way I work with my own clients! It is just so simple – but not at all easy to implement. Many of my clients are like the guy you described on vacation – addicted and overwhelmed. But it is quite gratifying to walk them through this process and watch them implement it. The difference it makes is immediate and often staggering. One client is now quite gleeful when using her delete key! And she got through a massively overloaded inbox in a two hour block of time. Now she only checks email periodically, and it is substantially empty at the end of the day.

  2. WorkloadMaster says


    Thank you for your comment, I’m pleased you use the same techniques. I agree, it is a great feeling when little things like this make a big difference in someone’s life. That’s what keeps me doing this.


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