A Simple Way to Overcome Procrastinaton

Which Way ?

Have you ever received a dope slap? Have you ever given yourself one? Some people call that a “flat head moment”. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Not long ago I promised to write a post about overcoming procrastination. I started to work on it a couple times but didn’t come up with anything new beyond the standard list of six or seven things you can do to take action sooner. We’ve seen it all before so I didn’t feel justified regurgitating it one more time.

Yesterday I stumbled on a post by blogger Debi Zylbermann about actions she’s taking to overcome one of her personal constraints. It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it (isn’t that true with so many things). Click here to read her post in its entirety.

Debi talks about a technique used by a former boss where he required his managers to write a daily report that consisted of a simple statement about they did that day to move their department forward.

So why not do this yourself? At the end of each day write one sentence in your planner, journal, e-mail to yourself (or significant other) about how you moved (insert whatever is important to you) forward that day. And do it every day. This will be especially helpful to the self employed and home office types who don’t have someone looking over their shoulder.

When you know at the outset of the day that you will be writing the report at the end of the day you will be more cognizant of how you are using your time to make progress. To be effective you have to be brutally honest yourself.

I did it today (Tuesday) and it was a real eye opener. I plan to do it again for the rest of the month and see how I do. Try it yourself.

Thanks Debi.


  1. Wow, Bob ! Thanks for the great writeup. And good luck to you and your readers – I’d love to hear how a full month’s worth of daily reports made a difference, if you feel like sharing in November.