Good words for the new year

I saw this quote at my health club and thought you would enjoy it to begin the year.

Interview with LinkedIn Expert Crystal Thies

If it’s important to your business and/or career to network with others then using LinkedIn (the professional social networking site) correctly can streamline the process. Earlier this year LinkedIn expert and consultant, Crystal Thies, wrote a guest post on this site about the Three Top LinkedIn Tips. That one post has generated so much interest […]

Interactive Microsoft Office migration guides to save time

If you’re making the switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007 or 2010 you may find the Ribon (menu system) difficult to navigate. If you’re working from a home computer it may seem surprising that people still use Office 2003.

Use Gmail as a productivity tool

Gmail can be a very powerful time management tool, particularly if you receive lots of e-mail (and who doesn

Personal technology to imiprove your productivity

If you

Social Media Marketing Takes Too Much Time

Every week someone tells me that they would like to use social media marketing but it just takes too much time. What this really means is “I don’t know how and don’t know where to start.” Why are we talking about marketing on a web site about productivity? Well we’re all about saving time and […]

3 Top LinkedIn Tips

Do you have a LinkedIn account that you rarely (or ever) use?

Read more with book summaries

Do you need to read more but find you don’t have enough time? Welcome to the club. I’ve been falling way behind in my reading, particularly business books, and have found it difficult to catch up. There are so many good business books being released that it’s impossible to pick the right ones let alone […]

Get your point across faster with Jing

have you ever tried to explain something verbally or written that would be faster and easier with a screen capture or even a short video?

Multitasking is a Myth – Here’s a good resource

If you’ve listened to even a little of my training you know I harp about the evils perils of attempting to multitask. You can’t actually do two things at once you can only switch quickly between them, "switchtasking" it’s been called. I won’t repeat myself here, but I will refer you to an excellent discussion […]