Controlling E-mail – It’s a Matter of Attitude

A while ago I posted some principles that help you take control over the constant flow of e-mail. I’ve seen these simple changes in habit make a difference in many peoples’ lives just by applying them regularly. However some people have a very difficult time implementing even simple changes and I’ve often wondered why. Over […]

Your Time Perspective Can Determine Your Success

I try to keep these posts practical and down-to-earth, but sometimes it’s good to hear from the eggheads more learned among us for a different perspective.

Interesting Video About Adult ADD/ADHD

Yesterday I came across a very interesting 45 minute video about Adult ADD/ADHD at the Canadian Global News Web site. The program, ADD & Loving It, shines a light on this much

Low Tech Productivity Tool Helps High Tech Internet Entrepreneur

Not long ago I was listening

New Free eCourse – Key Productivity Principles

Do You Feel Like You Are Drinking From a Fire Hose? Are you tired of feeling like you’re not on top of things?

The Root Cause of Clutter

This is a picture of my in basket a few days ago. It’s a collection of random small things was my nemesis for a few weeks. It doesn’t look like much but it really bugged me. What are they? They’re the result of a recent wallet cleaning and attempt to corral loose pieces of floatsum […]

A Simple Way to Overcome Procrastinaton

Have you ever received a dope slap? Have you ever given yourself one? Some people call that a “flat head moment”. That’s how I felt yesterday. Not long ago I promised to write a post about overcoming procrastination. I started to work on it a couple times but didn’t come up with anything new beyond […]

Are You a Hopeless Procrastinator?

I love how the media (CNN in particular) leads with a question that they never answer in the story.

8 Ways to Avoid E-mail Anxiety

E-mail anxiety is one of the major reasons companies and individuals hire me. It comes at us constantly at an ever increasing pace and is not going away.