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mind_map_sarah_griceThings have been a little quite here in WorkloadMaster land over the holidays. I took a trip to Texas to visit family which caused me to take a break from posting. But I’ve been busy behind the scenes.

Between the holidays I had an opportunity to interview Chuck Frey, publisher of

Visit The On Target Podcast web site for the interview and show notes.

Not long ago I posted a short video about using a mind map to help visualize project outcomes. It was one of the most popular posts on the blog that month.

I found the software and lots of good information on The Mind Mapping Software Blog, published by Chuck Frey. Because I received so many questions about mind mapping I decided to to ask Chuck to do an interview in On Target. I was thrilled that he was available.

Chuck’s main web site is which focuses on innovation, creativity and brainstorming. He’s been at it for about eight years and has created a wealth of information about these subjects. If you have an interest in this area, you can easily spend a few hours here. If you don’t read anything else on the site, be sure to read Chuck’s post about river people vs. goal people. It demonstrates his writing chops (he’s a journalist by training) and is something to think about for the new year.

Chuck’s are first rate which shows from the volume of traffic he receives and inclusion on the prestigious directory Alltop.


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