Webinar Resources

Thank you for attending our webinar about mastering your e-mail. Here is some more information to help you implement the techniques I taught in the webinar.

How-to Guide

Use the special PDF player below to read, download or print the quick guide for the training session.

TRAF Process

Here's a copy of the TRAF process I discussed on the call. Print it out and keep it near your desk when you process your e-mail.

Master Your Workload with Microsoft Outlook

To learn more about how to use Outlook to manage your time check out our online eCourse Master Your Workload with Microsoft Outlook

Free eCourse

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Books to Read

As I mentioned on the call, here is a list of some excellent books about time management and personal productivity. These are some of my favorites. The Oranized Executive by Stephanie Winston Getting Things Done by David Allen Crazy Busy by Edward Hallowell