Productivity Pointer – How efficient is your system?

I must create a system or be enslaved by another Man’s.
– William Blake

Whatever system you use to manage your work must use almost no thought on your part during it’s execution. If you find yourself asking “what do I do with this” or “where do I put that”, then you aren’t performing at your best.

The purpose of your workload management system should be to get everything in its place with little thought on your part. Thus saving your energy for more important matters. Your energy is highly valuable and very limited so don’t spend it on routine matters.

The efficiency of your system can be observed when processing your e-mail. The next time you work through your e-mail inbox pay attention to your own thought process. Do you find yourself having to make a decision about each message or do yo know instinctively what to do with them? And how many times have you made a decision about some of those messages in your inbox?

If the answer is a lot, you’re spending more time an energy on this then you should. It’s time to streamline.