Productivity Pointer – Unplug for the holidays

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded
our humanity.

– Albert Einstein

Recently at a very nice restaurant I observed a young gentleman
pecking away at his iPhone. He did this while sitting at the bar
with a friend and later throughout dinner…while he was eating. I
couldn’t help but thinking that he was missing out on a very good
meal and some quality time with a friend.

This incident made me realize how much we are allowing gadgets to
come between us and others. At the gym everyone (including me) is
plugged into an iPod. As a result there’s almost no interaction
between members. Are our our earbuds are turning us into solitary

As a geek myself I know how enticing these devices can be. But just
because we can be “connected” 24/7 doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
After all we’re still human and it’s important to connect with

No productivity tip for this week. Have a wonderful holiday!

– Bob