Productivity Pointer – Visualize A Job Well Done

If you can’t picture it being done, you can’t do it.
– John Pich

The quote above was from my late father-in-law. Although he never finished high school, he was one of the wisest people I have ever met.

Like many men of his generation, he dropped out of high school to join the fight during World War II. After completing his tour he began his life’s work as a pipefitter.

The quote you see is just one piece of wisdom he shared with the many apprentices that learned from him over the years. This same philosophy applies to almost any task whether it’s pipes, proposals or software.

If you are are stuck on a task or project chances are you don’t have a clear vision of the end result. If so, step away from the work, go to a quiet place (good luck with that one), close your eyes and create a picture in your mind of a job well done. As David Allen says “Envision wild success.”

Once you have a clear vision of your end result, the right tasks will follow.

Have a great week!

– Bob