Read more with book summaries

Sunday Morning

Do you need to read more but find you don’t have enough time? Welcome to the club. I’ve been falling way behind in my reading, particularly business books, and have found it difficult to catch up.

There are so many good business books being released that it’s impossible to pick the right ones let alone read all of them. So how do you keep abreast of the latest yet still have time for everything else you have to do? You might want to try a book summary service.

Last week I happened to meet Dan Pfister a principle at The Business Source, a Toronto Canada based service that writes summaries of the latest business books. After digging through their web site I realized what a great idea. I know a few people (not me) who used Cliff Notes in college. It was a good way to get the gist of a book (not a great way to study for a test). The Business Source does something similar yet much more elegantly.

Business Source subscribes receive two 5-page summaries (about 2,500 words)each month. These concise yet detailed summaries take between 10