Workshop Attendee Welcome

Thank you for attending the Master Your Workload with Outlook workshop. The initial training is just the beginning. By confirming your addition to the e-mail list two things will happen.

  1. You will receive a series of short follow-up lessons by e-mail over the next couple of weeks. These are to help cement the learning and integrate it into your daily workflow.
  2. Each Monday morning you will receive a short Productivity Pointer by e-mail to help you start your week. These are just some quick tips and thoughts s about how to be more productive and effective.

Also, you should have received another e-mail with the log in information for the online version of the Master Your Workload with Outlook workshop. This is an excellent resource for you to revisit some of the techniques and concepts covered in the live training.

Beyond the courses, you will find our blog a valuable resource for information and resources about improving you personal productivity and time management.